Soft Glow

Soft Glow are omnidirectional bulbs in clear glass providing a warm light. The atmospheric glow is suitable as decorative lighting in most environments. Soft Glow is available as non-dimmable, dimmable and with built-in 3-step dimmer!

Clear Filament

Clear Filament are omnidirectional lamps in clear glass. Most of the bulbs in the series provide a warm white light of 2700 K, but you will also find models with a higher Kelvin spreading a whiter light. Clear Filament is available as dimmable, non-dimmable or with built-in 3-step dimmer.

Opaque Filament

OPAQUE FILAMENT are white omnidirectional lamps in opaque. Providing a diffused light they fit perfectly uncovered as well as under a lamp shade. The colour rendering is high and the series includes dimable bulbs as well as bulbs with built-in 3-step dimmer.

Frosted Filament

Frosted Filament looks just like old-fashioned light bulbs. They fit perfectly under a lampshade, as they provide good omnidirectional light with a soft, warm white tone. Frosted Filament is available as non-dimmable and dimmable.

Opaque Basic

Opaque Basic is a series of opal glass lamps with an extra high colour render, to a most resonable price. The lamps are available from the very lowest lumen, all the way up to 1500 lumen, which is roughly equivalent to an old light bulb of 100 watts. Opaque Basic is available in 2-pack and as non-dimmable and dimmable.